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    I think the article is only true for situational depression. When people are depressed for no reason and for a long period of time, then the depression is not advantageous to them. I agree with some others in this thread that it's a genetic weakness. For this group of people, researchers discovered that the success rate of treatment is low. Only 1/3 of adults show a postive response to drugs. (Some or all of their symptoms are controlled). The most effective treatment for clinical depression is a combination of ONGOING therapy and medication. Even with combined treatment, the success rate of recovery is still too low.
    In my opinion, medication should NEVER be used in a child. There is not enough conclusive evidence that prove that the benefits outweigh the risks. We don't even know all the risks involved. Some articles say that long term use of SSRIs (a class of antidepressants) affect the development of a child's brain and that this effect is permanent. That's scary! Don't use medication in young children or teens.
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    Depression is a focus on self. If you stop focusing on self, depression ends. Your circumstances don't have to end in order to do that.
    Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightning View Post
    As described by a recent article on scientific american... depression may be the evolutionary approach to serious analytical problem solving?

    Theory... we get depressed because we have a problem we need to sit down and solve. Ruminating over it directs our energy/resources towards this problem. Then once the solution is found, the depression goes away. If this is true... does it point to cognitive therapy being a "better" treatment than antidepressants? That is, resolve the problem rather than covering up the symptoms?

    Depression's Evolutionary Roots: Scientific American
    Analytical problem solving?
    What if the problem is irrational?
    What if the problem cannot be solved?
    Depression sounds more comforting in theory.

    The thing is that people actually solve their problems, except the irrational ones, and the ones that are hard to solve (getting a painful surgery), and the ones that CANNOT be solved. (being in a wheel chair)

    How can depression improve anything?
    Depression won't fix your irrational shit, it will make it more irrational.
    Being hopeless doesn't really make you go take a painful surgery.

    Cognitive therapy IS better than antidepressants.
    For example:
    If someone worries about something irrational, and then gets depressed, getting antidepressants will reduce the worry. Or even stop it.
    But when you stop the antidepressants the worry comes back.
    CBT actually tackles the source, makes you understand your irrational shit, and then you can handle it. But it's still annoying.

    So yes from this point of view, depression forces you to handle your irrational shit, and then you can get better.

    But what CAN you do if your problem cannot be solved?
    If you have some illness that won't go away, if you are in pain because of your back, and other stuff like that. That's not going to go away. And depression won't solve that problem.

    That's where it fails.
    Stupid primitive mechanism. That's what it is.

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    That was an interesting article, thanks! It's good to have your common sense backed by science once in a while...

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    I think depression as a phase can teach you a lot. People who overcome depression often become wiser.

    Being stuck for too long in a depression state is obviously fucked up.

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    Last night when I posted I didn't actually read the article, because I was kinda depressed and pissed off. Today I read the article and it is very interesting.

    One thing is for sure and I agree 100%: Depression won't go away until you solve your problems.

    'Several studies have found that expressive writing promotes quicker resolution of depression, and they suggest that this is because depressed people gain insight into their problems.'
    My depression ended when I started writing about my problems, when I started analizing them and solving them. The depressive ruminations are obsessive. They are a major pain in the ass. But in the end I wouldn't have solved those problems if I wouldn't have been depressed. I didn't really have a choice.

    The article is right about the problem solving. There is actually no other way to end your depression. The only way is to solve your problems (many of them aren't even conscious).

    Some examples of unconscious or more semi-conscious problems:
    Disturbed thinking patterns. Things in which you believe that are false.
    For example you may think you are very defective, when you aren't, you may think that you can't actually lead people, when you can and want, you may think that nobody loves you, when people all around you care about you, but you just don't see that. You may think that you are alone...because nobody around you thinks like you, which false. Things like that. You get to fix them.

    You get to fix every single aspect about yourself. Because you don't have a choice.
    You either obsess about it for the rest of your life or fix it.

    The main idea is that yes...depression forces you to solve your issues when they're too many, issues that you don't really think's like they're somewhere in the background.

    I really liked the article.

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