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Thread: Conductive Ink

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    Quote Originally Posted by King-Of-Despair View Post
    I actually heard Triple J (radio) talking about this just before. The host was calling it metal paint, and I spent half the time screaming at the radio: IT'S FUCKING CONDUCTIVE YOU DIPSHIT!!!!!!. They suggested that the bikini clad instruments could make the next theme song for mythbusters. Sounds like a cool idea to me

    At least they realized that conductive ink + scantily clad babes= prime money making opportunity.
    "There's no need to be embarrassed about it, Mr. Spock. It happens to the birds and the bees!"

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    Supposedly metal paint is rather deadly too, unless it's mercury or you're heating up iron until it melts and administering it, I fail to see how :\

    Does it seep into your skin? probably not, since metal atoms are relatively large.
    Does it ionize your skin? I doubt it
    Maybe it suffocates the skin, I doubt that any air could get through metal paint (*inspired by gold finger*)
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