I myself don't know much about clonin', but it's primarily a 3D copy machine for living organisms, yeah?

Anywho, my question concerns a time or place or situation where we would clone a human. The human is cloned, it has the same exact circuitry as its original source, never endings, brain size, all of that.

If it acts the same way as its original source, would that suggest that "who we are" (for the lack of a better way to say it) is purely biological? (You'd have to consider environmental influences, I understand, but everyone's born with a kind of temperament, so you could roll with that.)

I don't know the Bible in and out, either, but only God can make things with souls, right? From his soul pool or something or other, no exceptions? I'm not sure if there are any exceptions, so I'm asking.

The point is, would a clone who acts, speaks, talks, thinks, and everything else-s like its original source disprove that whole idea of only God pulling from his soul pool and giving people their spiritual energy or what not?

I'm not trying to look for a way to disprove religion or anything, but I'm legitimately curious. Maybe someone with more information on the cloning shennanigans of our time and all the background information could help with my inquiry, as well as those with a good, detailed knowledge of the Bible (if necessary).

My apologies if this is in the wrong section. Thanks!