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    Default Energy Harvesting

    A lot of cool things going on in that field.

    Energy harvesting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    They even think about concepts to harvest EM Energy from sources in the vicinity to auxiliary power the energy cells of mobile devices. Totally cool and a lot of money to be made there in the future !!


    The PMG17 is the "battery free" power behind many wireless sensor nodes.
    These nodes enable the continuous monitoring and control of plant machinery. Critical temperature and vibration information can be analyzed and acted upon by operations staff and as a result, outages and unplanned machine downtime can be minimized.
    The PMG17 microgenerators are intended for use on machinery driven by AC motors and harvest the commonly-found "twice-line-frequency" vibration. Even with as little as 25mg (RMS) vibration within a 2Hz bandwidth, they will always produce a minimum power of 0.5mW, while delivering up to 40mW when there is more vibration available. For greatest flexibility of application, these devices output alternating current and are intended to charge a storage capacitor via rectification.
    The microgenerator is a robust device capable of operating in a multitude of industrial environments. It is easy to install with no shut down of operations required. It can be attached in any orientation and needs no maintenance.
    Two versions are available:
    1. PMG17-100 which has an operational level in the 98 to 100Hz range
    2. PMG17-120 which has an operational level in the 118 to 120Hz range
    Source: Perpetuum

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    I'd prefer to call it energy scavenging, it's a good idea to get back wasted energy, but it can't generate on large scale.

    This kind of reminds me of Rolex watches, this one I saw runs off kinetic energy from your movements, it was a long time ago too.

    Thanks though, I didn't know much about this area, and it might come to use later.

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    Energy scavenging? Isn't that was extroverts do?

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