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    Quote Originally Posted by Antimony View Post
    Or both.

    So I know that there are ridiculously smart people on here who can probably help me out with this idea, and tell me whether it is possible, probable, or if it is an idea that can be manipulated for some kind of use.

    We all know how the opposite polar ends of a magnet attract, and the similar ones repel. Well, I was thinking, can we use the repelling magnetic forces to create an efficient transportation system?

    I suppose the basic idea would be laying a magnetic sheet in the ground, with a certain amount of magnet on the bottom of the vehicle (or object) in question. Then I figured that the height it would rise off the ground could be determined by something weakening the magnetic force and lowering it, or somehow multiplying the force and rising it.

    As a sub idea, it could make the use of chair legs, table legs, shelves to a certain extent, etc obsolete, minus the aesthetically pleasing reasons.

    It could be just some crazy idea, but it just kind of came to me one day and I was hoping that some of the intellects on here could tell me the flaws or provide better ideas.
    lol I think there's a train system in japan already setup like this. Also the superman ride in sixflags uses something similar to your described system. They even have magnetic shocks now. Nice try but it's been done, so hard to find a truly original idea now, you should look into magnetic levitation, I remember I was trying to use the concept to amuse myself with a cooky anti gravitational engine idea. I dunno but it wouldn't hurt to learn something new.

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    It's called maglev, and it's already been done. To do it, you'd have to siphon off incredible amounts of power, and the EM feild would fry everything. Not to mention the cost of the wiring....

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