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    Default aerodynamics and tall people

    so my mom got an audi a4 recently and she keeps talking about how great of a drive it is but I've been unable to properly enjoy it because the ceiling is about 3 inches too low for me.

    Is there a reason they make cars so short?

    her boyfriend has a porshe and I have the exact same problem.

    I spend pretty much all me time in cars now sitting at weird angles or with my head out the window like a dog.

    Aerodynamics or aesthetics?!

    what is it that keeps cars so short?
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    Going green? Naah, just kidding. Probably those kind of cars are designed for people who have smaller-than-average American height.
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    It's probably just cheaper to make them that way. They know most people aren't that tall so they don't bother to cater to them. You'd probably just have to buy custom seats that sit lower or something.

    I love my height. I'm never too short or too tall for anything.
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