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    Default Live Flu Virus Released From Lab Plant

    Baxter admits flu product contained live bird flu virus

    Updated Fri. Feb. 27 2009 2:56 PM ET

    The Canadian Press

    TORONTO -- The company that released contaminated flu virus material from a plant in Austria confirmed Friday that the experimental product contained live H5N1 avian flu viruses...

    People familiar with biosecurity rules are dismayed by evidence that human H3N2 and avian H5N1 viruses somehow co-mingled in the Orth-Donau facility. That is a dangerous practice that should not be allowed to happen, a number of experts insisted.

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    *slow clap for Baxter*

    Good lord.
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    Oh well. Now more people will need to buy our vaccine!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAVO View Post

    Oh well. Now more people will need to buy our vaccine!

    Resistance to flu drug widespread in U.S. | U.S. | Reuters

    Resistance to flu drug widespread in U.S.
    MWASHINGTON (Reuters) - Virtually all cases of the most common strain of flu circulating in the United States now resist the main drug used to treat it, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Monday.

    on Mar 2, 2009 4:23pm EST

    Study Sheds Doubt on Usefulness of Flu Vaccine

    According to a study appearing in the Sept. 22 online issue of The Lancet, vaccines against influenza are only "modestly effective" in people in long-term care facilities and even less effective for elderly people still living in the community.

    That research is twinned with another flu study, which found more bad news: that resistance to drugs used to treat influenza has risen 12 percent in the past decade.

    This finding, the authors stated, raises questions about the government's policy of stockpiling such drugs.

    'Not a Panacea'

    Strong opinions on the vaccine study came from all sides of the issue.

    "The vaccine doesn't work very well at all," said study author Dr. Tom Jefferson, an epidemiologist with the Cochrane Vaccines Field in Rome. "Vaccines are being used as an ideological weapon. What you see every year as the flu is caused by 200 or 300 different agents with a vaccine against two of them. That is simply nonsense."

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