I've got more than my fair share of computer problems the thing is I lack the proper forum (in both senses) to share these problems and hopefully fix them.

I've tried Xtreme Systems and others similar but they lack the social element of this place. Is there a decent IT forum where you don't get stone walled for not knowing what a skull train is or having your computer cooled by some defusion of the earths core and nitrogen fumes?

I'm hoping that someone here knows of a place where I can approach people and just relax whilst discussing the latest case of hair pulling without needing to approach grovelling on both knees to some guy who's been holed up in his garage welding titanium to his sound card to enable EAX10 or whatever..

Anyone know of the existence of such a site?

It's either that or I'm going to need more people on my own blog site to give some feedback...