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    Default The liposuction fatmobile: Surgeon fills his car up with his patients' excess flab

    Gentlemen, the next great alternative fuel.

    If you're keen to establish your green credentials you can install solar panels or stick a wind turbine on your roof.

    Or you could become a patient of Dr Alan Bittner.

    The leading Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon claims to be saving the planet by using fat removed from clients in liposuction operations to power his 4x4 car.

    According to Dr Bittner, his patients are more than happy to be involved in the extraordinary eco-friendly scheme.

    'The vast majority of my patients request that I use their fat for fuel - and I have more fat than I can use,' he declared.

    'Not only do they get to lose their love handles or chubby belly, but they get to take part in saving the Earth.' U.S. authorities are less impressed and have launched an inquiry into his claims that he is converting the waste fat into bio-diesel - or 'lipodiesel' as he calls it.

    Dr Bittner posted his claims on a website, which has since been taken down following the sudden closure of his clinic on Rodeo Drive.

    He is believed to have moved to South America after several patients filed a lawsuit against his practice for allegedly allowing his unlicensed girlfriend to carry out operations. U.S. business magazine Forbes reported that Dr Bittner used the 'lipofuel' to power both his Ford Explorer and his girlfriend's Lincoln Navigator.

    Bio-diesel is commonly made from vegetable oils, although half of the U.S. supply comes from beef or pig products.

    Animal and vegetable fat contains triglycerides that can be extracted and turned into diesel.

    It is not known how Dr Bittner went about turning the fat sucked out of patients into fuel. But he claims to have carried out more than 7,000 lipo operations - and according to Forbes, a gallon of fat will produce about a gallon of fuel, and drivers can get about the same amount of mileage from fat fuel as they do from regular diesel.

    However, it is illegal in the U.S. to use human medical waste to power vehicles.
    Read the rest here:
    The liposuction fatmobile: How cosmetic surgeon fills his car up with his patients' excess flab | Mail Online

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    Houston has plenty of fuel then
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peguy View Post
    However, it is illegal in the U.S. to use human medical waste to power vehicles.
    Ha. This is the part that gets me. That this kind of thing has already been covered by the lawmakers.

    Personally, I don't see the problem with it, if the patients consented. Essentially, the same process happens if someone decides to walk someplace instead of driving.
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    Why is this thread a recommended thread for my blog.
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    Zombie thread.
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