Discuss. Opinions on them?

I think they're a great idea, but I think they're marketing it entirely the wrong way.

I like having books as the average light read. I don't mind an extensive collection at all, and it's not inconvenient. Selling it as a cute gift or something seems like a waste. I think it should be concentrated at schools. College in particular.

I think it'd be REALLY awesome to have the option of buying a device and having all 4 textbooks for the year on a single instrument. I think college students would be more responsible with the technology, but that they should have to purchase it, keeping regular textbooks an option.

If high school students bought them themselves, I think it would have made life SO much easier instead of running to my locker across the school 3 times a day for 4 years.. The likelyhood of carrying one's textbook on them would increase. I could see the theft rate on those being high in that case, but... not anymore-so than any other expensive convenient electronic device.