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Thread: Synesthesia

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    "Personification - Color (everyone has a specific color)"

    I doubt that is related to synesthesia directly. I would look into aura reading as an explanation for that.

    Just for fun I've been looking for aura's where I work. I simply imagine that there is a color surrounding a person, and then I imagine what color it is. It is fairly consistent from day to day, and there isn't a person I can't look at and not quickly pull out an aura.

    I didn't bother spending a lot of time looking for a link, but here is an interesting one that defines what some of the colors of a person's aura mean: OMG I'M A LINK

    Refining my aura reading is somewhere on my long list of "things to do".

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    I dunno, I've wondered about that. Some people have such an obvious colour and animal linked to them to me, that it's scary. I wonder if that is synesthesia, as I also have it with numbers, days of the week, music, emotions. All those things have colour to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haphazard View Post
    I heard that synaethesia is also related to autism. Does anybody here have synaesthesia who also has a family with a high occurrence of autism/aspergers, or has autism/aspergers themselves?
    I have an autistic nephew who is fairly intelligent but suffers highly impaired social functioning (his autism may have been due to his premature birth and associated medical issues rather than genetic factors however). I also had a highly intelligent schizophrenic brother who may conceivably have been on the spectrum, and have often suspected that one of my sisters has undiagnosed Aspergers - she shows most, if not all, of the typical traits to some degree along with a remarkable talent for rubbing people up the wrong way. However, she isn't the kind of person who would give the medical profession "control" over her by going for help under any circumstances, so this will probably forever remain speculation on my part

    Not sure how much this counts, however, as I only know I have synesthesia due to my impressive ability to hallucinate non-existent sounds in the sound/motion synesthesia test posted earlier *wonders if that makes me a "proper" synesthete?*
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    My sense of touch appears to have grown with gaming. If I get to into a game I'll feel the movements as if I was shaking. The movements can last long after the game is over, strangely enough. However, I don't view this as Synesthesia as much as my brain adapting to something consistent for an eternity and a half (here's hoping for four more).
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    I've been sick and when I wake up my mouth tastes gross.

    However, this morning, I thought, "Eww, my mouth tastes like 4!"

    And then I went "huh?"

    I don't know if this is an instance of synesthesia or just some tired non sequitur.
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    I have a seeming 'ghost' synesthesia. I don't truly mix different senses, rather they are triggered in my mind. I can imagine a color for a certain type of personality because the color and the person share the same vibe.

    This reading can change more as I know a person. I think of it as more of the opposite of direct sensing: My mind feels objects rather than my body*. Sure, I might be watching, listening, and touching, but its my mind that is feeling it. It takes effort for me to feel something directly with my body.

    Something vaguely related is that I know what parts of my brain are working hard by a slight pressure I feel when thinking a certain way. It's less 'my cerebellum is working hard' and more 'the front of my brain is doing some heavy lifting.'

    *I wonder what SPs think when they read that
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    I have phoneme synesthesia. I 'see' colors when I hear words or speak them. I thought I had grapheme because when I read printed letters I see colors as well. But upon thinking, I think this stems from me 'saying' the words to myself when I read rather than 'seeing' the colors ON the page itself.

    Haven't been through the thread but there are some interesting books about it. Anything by Richard Cytowic is good.

    I remember an instance when i was around 6. I met my neighbor who was the same age. I introduced myself by saying, "My name is green. What color is yours?" When she couldn't reply I got really confused why she couldn't answer that. I was like, "how do you not know what color your name is?"

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    ^ I think this is an important note.. Synesthesia isn't, correct me if I'm wrong, a voluntary function of the brain.

    Reading auras, looking for colors, or other things are functions of the brain, not dysfunctions of it. If you can "Work on it" it's probably not synesthesia.
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    My two boys have it. It was weird to hear them arguing about whether, say, eight is dark green or orange. Nice that they have each other, though. I don't know which side of the family they got it from.

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    I have no idea what that means..i had to look that word up

    but i do lurve and indulgent one if one catches my drift which about 1-4% will every do


    oh u jmean seeing music sounds as colour..wicked desire muses in a jig about fashined and plagerised by that series heroes (actually i think it its best season yet)

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    mugs the elf
    spends it on muffins and no shoes..or boots galore (thow lot are allowed to mailme)

    and opens his wine this shouldbe fun
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