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    Default Cyber security news circulars or broadcasts?

    I was wondering about this lately as I've been reading Dark Market by Misha Glenny, that's the author of McMafia, the thing is that I dont think the book is that good, its pretty much what you may expect and I'm not surprised that I picked this up in a HMV music superstore books section.

    Anyway, while I dont really like the style the author has adopted the actual stories that they are reporting on do interest me, like data breaches by Sony's Playstation Network.

    I had never heard about this and I'm led to believe that pretty much if you buy any of the most recent gaming platforms they are all networked and the future is digital gaming like what Netflix and Amazon have done for TV and Video (and to a lesser extent music in Amazon's case). I'm a retro gamer and dont own any of the new platforms and I'm not sure what I think about compulsory networking, especially if you have to give them credit card details like Amazon (whose security I am glad is a little tighter or so it seems).

    There are other stories I have been surprised at not knowing about, like Sony striking a deal with some bandits to open cast mine minerals for component parts and I do think there's a hell of a lot of stuff that is missed by the mainstream media, the differences between the BBC World Service for instance and the main BBC news network, they are willing to report on developments in other nations they wont report on domestically. So that I'd not heard about those things was not surprising but I figure that maybe it is reported some place, like the example with the BBC, so I was wondering if anyone knows of any industry or niche news sources on cyber security etc.?

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    Oh my yes, the VG industry, that will keep you up at night I think, if you look too deeply into it, I've included some links. It's nothing new.

    But yes, I am more a retro gamer myself, not for any ideological reasons, but simply because it was more fun for me then, than it is now. So I dont really play vg anymore sort of like cinema. The shine has been polished off the apple for me.

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