Let's start with pollution and the inevitable destruction of the planet which is accelerating.

It doesn't matter what side you're on politically, the solutions are like brown paper bags being used to stop an avalanche.

IN the meantime the solutions are like brown paper bags that poison the poor and have money for the rich. We're all going to get hit by the avalanche but the ultra wealthy are going to get bags filled with gold bars, where as we are going to get bags filled with coal-bars.

People are talking about globing warming. It's really dumb. There's a much more pressing problem. That is our food supply. We will starve to death, all of us, in the next 20 years. We will kill the life on this planet before an increase in temperature does. That is the real problem. Global warming is further ahead.

Let's talk autonomous vehicles. Guess what...poor people, can you afford the fast lane? Then take the slow lane or walk. You cannot drive because it will be illegal to own a car. You will be in a vehicle controlled by the government and monitored at all times. Late for work? Your boss will know why...It will be logged in your community car.

Let's talk about living...don't like the Chinese way of life? Get used to 100 by 100 stack cubby hole like nap racks. Whether socialists or capitalists run this shit, the same form will take shape - we will be reduced to our production capacity. It's inevitable. Who ever said communism and capitalism were incompatible were too myopic to see, they are really the same form (different essence).

In the end what will be left? Plugging into virtual reality? That's laughable...maybe we will be batteries at some point. Who knows.

I don't see science saving us. I see science accelerating our demise.

Let's not also mention the particle accelerator which will rip through time and space and open a portal straight to hell, or the possibility of a peaceful life finding us and annihilating us for our warlock, klingon ways.

What do you think? Will nanotechnology save us?