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  • Instinctual Subtypes and Descriptions
    Enneagram type and instinctual subtype combination descriptions
  • OceanMoonshine Instinct Stackings
    The best Enneagram and Instinct descriptions around. These are also posted on the forum
  • Enneagram Explorations
    Site authored and maintained by Katherine Chernick Fauvre and David W. Fauvre - creators of the Tritype system. The provide Enneagram coaching and counseling services for individuals and organizations.
  • Enneagram Institute
    Riso/Hudson Enneagram site. Includes descriptions of each of the Enneagram types, levels of health, information on relationships between types and much more. Joining the site provides access to better/more materials.
  • Pstypes blogspot
    Interesting and high quality assembly of blog posts from an INTP on personality type including Myers Briggs and Enneagram
  • List of Enneagram Books
    Nice list of a variety of enneagram books including number of pages, cost, and a list organized under author
    Helen Palmer's Enneagram site, including a description of each of the 9 types and course offerings and schedules
  • 9 Points Magazine
    Official magazine for the International Enneagram Association
  • The Embodied Enneagram
    Peter O'Hanrahan is an enneagram coach. This is his site. It includes his teaching schedule, several articles and a variety of other information about Enneagram
  • The Enneagram In Business
    Ginger Lapid-Bogda's site. She is a consultant and coach that specializes in how Enneagram can be used in a business context such as coaching, conflict resolution, leadership, communications, decision making, sales, etc.
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