Selected Personality Type Websites (Curated By Typology Central)



  • 16personalities
    Detailed profiles of each of the 16 MBTI types
  • Type Descriptions
    Portraits of each of the 16 types including information on relationships, growth and careers
  • The Meyers Briggs Foundation
    Organization that focuses on expanding the MBTI® theory to encompass new understanding and research and educating through conferences, symposia, and the publications
  • Kiersey Website
    Site authors provide information about the temperaments, including instruments to evaluate type and various professional services they provide to assist businesses.
  • Personality Junkie
    This site has excellent in-depth type profiles, including description of type development as a person ages, information on careers, relationships and compatibility. The site also has a test.
  • Personality Pathways
    A rich collection of resources about MBTI, authored by Ross Reinhold, a professional coach and MBTI practitioner
  • TypeLogic
    This site, run by Margaret Heiss and Joe Butt includes profiles for each of the 16 types. Additional more detailed information may be purchased/downloaded
  • ENTJ Persoanlity
    A site all about ENTJs including a profile description, tips for development, careers and compatibility with each of the other 16 types
  • ISTP
    Site dedicated to the ISTP personality type including a description of the type, advice for careers and relationship compatibility information
  • MBTI Certification Program
    Information on how to become certified in MBTI
  • Oddly Developed Types
    This site has an enormous amount of detail about each of the types. Written in an irreverent style with lots of facts. A wealth of information.
  • MBTI Meetup Groups
    A list of groups throughout the world of people who are interested in personality type
  • Brad Garbus INFJ Page
    Great collection of information in the INFJ personality type
  • The Intuitive Musician
    Site about musicians with Intuitive personality types
  • Compare Personality Types
    Check the boxes and click compare to show two personality types side by side.
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