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    Linda Beren's site with quick simple explanation of each of the 8 cognitive processes and links to further information
  • Jungian Cognitive Functions Wikipedia
    Wikipedia entry that summarizes function orders and names according to Jung, Myers, Beebe, Berens and Lenore Thompson
  • Jungian Concepts Podcast
    A jungian analyst(INTJ) explains concepts from beginning to more advanced in an easy to understand way
  • Funky MBTI Fiction
    Tumblr blog with entertaining type information on different fictional characters
  • Linda Berens Institute
    Linda Berens site. There is a lot of good information about type here - Interaction styles, temperaments, 16 types, et .
  • Personality Hacker
    Personality Hacker is an organization designed to help people leverage their own mental processes to optimize whatever can be optimized: productivity, communication, job satisfaction, and most importantly – happiness. They cater primarily to Intuitives in the Myers-Briggs system and have a number of PodCasts
  • Speaking of Jung Podcast
    Podcast containing interviews with a number of Jungian analysts
  • Best Fit Type
    Another Linda Berens site with some good reference material. A lot of it is directing you to her books though which she wants you to purchase.
  • Cognitive Visual Types
    Site contains content from Sandoval's book on cognitive visual reading. It's good stuff.
  • Carl Jung Resources
    Online resources for the study of Carl Jung theories and methods of exploration of the unconscious
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