Selected Personality Type Websites (Curated By Typology Central)



  • Typology Central On Twitter
    Twitter Feed for Typology Central
  • Tumblr Blog For Typology Central
    Official Tumblr Blog For Typology Central
  • INTPComplex
    Forum for INTPs frequented by those who were members of INTPCentral, which is no longer in existence. This is the "spiritual successor" of INTPCentral. TypologyCentral was spun out of INTPCentral in 2007 to target a broader set of personality types in the membership.
  • Dave's Enneagram Site
    Examples of type and instinct through songs, type interviews, famous people, and other resources.
  • INFJ Blog
    A blog by an INFJs for INFJs
  • The INFJ Cafe
    Wonderful blog by INFJ fiction writer C.L. Denault
  • ENTJ Confessions
    Blog with favorite quotes from an ENTJ
  • MBTI Fiction
    This is a pretty good site with information about fictional characters and their types.
  • The Jung Club Of London
    The Club was founded in 1922 by close associates of C G Jung and ever since has continued to keep alive the feeling of community shared by those with experience of Jungian analysis and those interested in the work of Jung.
  • The Emotional Intelligence Institute
    Resources related to emotional intelligence
  • MBTI Step 2 Test
    Official MBTI Step 2 Test. It's the cheapest one I could find.
  • Dario Nardi Cognitive Functions Test
    Assessment provides ranking of the relative strength of each of the 8 cognitive functions
  • Enneagram Explorations Tests
    Collection of commercial Enneagram tests from Enneagram Explorations
  • Similar Minds Personality Tests
    Site has over 50 free personality tests including Jung, Enneagram, Big 5, SLOAN, Right Brain/Left Brain, MOTIV, Personality Disorders, etc.
  • iPersonic Personality Tests
    Popular tests from iPersonic. I thought the Relationhip Profile and Career Profile assessments were interesting.
  • Outofservice
    Several personality tests including Big 5, Are you a freak?, Blurter or brooder?, Do you censure what you say? and others
  • Investing and Trading Personality Tests
    Tests to help you figure out what kind of investor you are
  • Mark Parkinson's Psychometric Test Compilation
    List of links to various personality tests
  • A to Z of tests
    IQ tests and more
  • Jungian Cognitive Functions Wikipedia
    Wikipedia entry that summarizes function orders and names according to Jung, Myers, Beebe, Berens and Lenore Thompson
  • Jungian Concepts Podcast
    A jungian analyst(INTJ) explains concepts from beginning to more advanced in an easy to understand way
  • Funky MBTI Fiction
    Tumblr blog with entertaining type information on different fictional characters
    Linda Beren's site with quick simple explanation of each of the 8 cognitive processes and links to further information
  • Linda Berens Institute
    Linda Berens site. There is a lot of good information about type here - Interaction styles, temperaments, 16 types, et .
  • Personality Hacker
    Personality Hacker is an organization designed to help people leverage their own mental processes to optimize whatever can be optimized: productivity, communication, job satisfaction, and most importantly – happiness. They cater primarily to Intuitives in the Myers-Briggs system and have a number of PodCasts
  • Speaking of Jung Podcast
    Podcast containing interviews with a number of Jungian analysts
  • Best Fit Type
    Another Linda Berens site with some good reference material. A lot of it is directing you to her books though which she wants you to purchase.
  • Cognitive Visual Types
    Site contains content from Sandoval's book on cognitive visual reading. It's good stuff.
  • Carl Jung Resources
    Online resources for the study of Carl Jung theories and methods of exploration of the unconscious
  • 16personalities
    Detailed profiles of each of the 16 MBTI types
  • Type Descriptions
    Portraits of each of the 16 types including information on relationships, growth and careers
  • The Meyers Briggs Foundation
    Organization that focuses on expanding the MBTI® theory to encompass new understanding and research and educating through conferences, symposia, and the publications
  • Kiersey Website
    Site authors provide information about the temperaments, including instruments to evaluate type and various professional services they provide to assist businesses.
  • Personality Junkie
    This site has excellent in-depth type profiles, including description of type development as a person ages, information on careers, relationships and compatibility. The site also has a test.
  • Personality Pathways
    A rich collection of resources about MBTI, authored by Ross Reinhold, a professional coach and MBTI practitioner
  • TypeLogic
    This site, run by Margaret Heiss and Joe Butt includes profiles for each of the 16 types. Additional more detailed information may be purchased/downloaded
  • ENTJ Persoanlity
    A site all about ENTJs including a profile description, tips for development, careers and compatibility with each of the other 16 types
  • ISTP
    Site dedicated to the ISTP personality type including a description of the type, advice for careers and relationship compatibility information
  • MBTI Certification Program
    Information on how to become certified in MBTI
  • Oddly Developed Types
    This site has an enormous amount of detail about each of the types. Written in an irreverent style with lots of facts. A wealth of information.
  • MBTI Meetup Groups
    A list of groups throughout the world of people who are interested in personality type
  • Brad Garbus INFJ Page
    Great collection of information in the INFJ personality type
  • The Intuitive Musician
    Site about musicians with Intuitive personality types
  • Compare Personality Types
    Check the boxes and click compare to show two personality types side by side.
  • Instinctual Subtypes and Descriptions
    Enneagram type and instinctual subtype combination descriptions
  • OceanMoonshine Instinct Stackings
    The best Enneagram and Instinct descriptions around. These are also posted on the forum
  • Enneagram Explorations
    Site authored and maintained by Katherine Chernick Fauvre and David W. Fauvre - creators of the Tritype system. The provide Enneagram coaching and counseling services for individuals and organizations.
  • Enneagram Institute
    Riso/Hudson Enneagram site. Includes descriptions of each of the Enneagram types, levels of health, information on relationships between types and much more. Joining the site provides access to better/more materials.
  • Pstypes blogspot
    Interesting and high quality assembly of blog posts from an INTP on personality type including Myers Briggs and Enneagram
  • List of Enneagram Books
    Nice list of a variety of enneagram books including number of pages, cost, and a list organized under author
    Helen Palmer's Enneagram site, including a description of each of the 9 types and course offerings and schedules
  • 9 Points Magazine
    Official magazine for the International Enneagram Association
  • The Embodied Enneagram
    Peter O'Hanrahan is an enneagram coach. This is his site. It includes his teaching schedule, several articles and a variety of other information about Enneagram
  • The Enneagram In Business
    Ginger Lapid-Bogda's site. She is a consultant and coach that specializes in how Enneagram can be used in a business context such as coaching, conflict resolution, leadership, communications, decision making, sales, etc.
  • World Socionics Blog
    Jack Aaron's Blog on Sociionics
  • Yana
    Good materials on answers to key relationship challenges with further resources about personality type
  • Personality News at Psych Central
    Interesting current topics on personality and related psychology areas
  • Social Psychology Network
    The mission of Social Psychology Network is to promote peace, social justice, and sustainable living through public education, research, and the advancement of psychology. Locate social psychology resources around the world at this site.
  • The 16 Types and Relationship Compatibility
    Descriptions of each of the 16 types and what they are like in relationships
  • Prelude Character Analysis
    Very good tool to compare two types together in a relationship.
  • Dream Interpretation Freud and Jung
    In the early years of their collaboration, Jung followed Freud's theory and applied the method of interpretation discovered by him. After separation from Freud, Jung created his own method which also includes the Freudian features but also adds new elements such as the amplification technique (also originally inspired by Freud).The site is dedicated to both methods of interpretation.
  • SIU Marketing Research
    The Office of Scale Research (OSR), associated with the Marketing Department at SIU for nearly three decades, provides assistance to those engaged in marketing research, particularly those who use multi-item measurement scales. The information provided here is useful to a very wide group of professionals who want to use the most precise measures when studying the thoughts and feelings of people, with the main focus being on consumers.
    Career testing and counseling, personality assessments, resume advice
  • IT Jobs Online
    IT jobs in the UK and Ireland
  • Studential
    Career resource center
  • Association For Psychological Type International
    International organization of people interested in personality type, with local chapters that have periodic meetings and discussions.
    MBTI Consultancy and Training
  • Bay Area APT
    San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the Association for Psychological Type
  • HRM Guide
    HRM Guide publishes articles and news releases about HR surveys, employment law, human resource research, HR books and careers that bridge the gap between theory and practice.
  • British Association For Psychologycal Type
    Charity set up in 1989 to promote knowledge of Jungian type systems).
  • C G Jung Society of Melbourne
    A forum established in 1962 for discussion, exploration and continued development and application of the concepts espoused by the Swiss psychoanalyst - Carl Gustav Jung
  • The Dream Catcher
    Seline Shenoy's blog and website. Seline is a certified MBTI practitioner and coach.
  • Counseling Exams
    Counseling Exam Info and Links
  • Journey Conferences
    Jung conferences in North Carolina
  • Insights for Change
    Christine Rigden Career and Life Coaching site.
  • Greg Moganson
    Jungian Psychoanalyst and Jungian Therapist in London, Ontario
  • A.C.E. Training & Consulting (Australia)
    Experienced team of expert facilitators and trainers who work in partnership with your organisation to enhance communication, build teams and improve work processes through innovative, imaginative and fun programs.
  • The Haden Institute
    The Haden Institute offers Spiritual Direction and Dream Leader Training in the Jungian, Christian, and mystical tradition. They have over 300 graduates in the US and Canada. The programs are offered for professionals and non-professionals. Graduates incorporate our training into their own lives, churches and professions. Some set up a private practice. The foundation of The Haden Institute is the relationship between Jungian psychology and spirituality. This purpose is achieved through training courses and conferences.​
  • Psychotherapy Los Angeles
    Psychodynamic psychotherapy is an experiential, in-depth form of treatment that explores the ways in which past experiences and emotional expectations developed in childhood have contributed to current difficulties in functioning. This form of treatment examines the complexities of interpersonal relationships, including the developing relationship with the therapist.
  • UK Life Coaching
    Life Coaching & Consulting with Chris Wesley
    Personal, Business and Executive Coaching and Consulting. Find the Focus, Energy and Courage to make Great Things Happen in Your Life and at Work.
  • Practice Reasoning Tests
    Learn how to pass any reasoning test with tips, training and free practice tests
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