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    Default Figures in Grunge

    A place to type notable grunge artists! Off the top of my head...

    Kurt: INFP

    Layne Staley: ISFP

    Jerry Cantrell: INTJ

    Dave Grohl: ESFP

    Chris Cornell: ISFP

    Scott Weiland: ISFP

    Notable grunge bands include:

    -Pearl Jam
    -Alice in Chains
    -Stone Temple Pilots
    -Bush (they suck but they're grunge)
    -Screaming Trees
    -Temple of the Dog
    -Mother Love Bone

    Get posting!

    May They Rest in Peace...

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    Eddie Vedder, maybe INFJ? I heard somewhere that Dave was an INFJ.

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    Totally off topic but grunge is a fashion I like seeing women in

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    Seems right from what little I know about some of them.

    I think Kurt Cobain was a 4w5, though some believe he was a 5. The instincts are interesting. I remember someone making a pretty convincing case of him being a social 4 once, with one notable factor being how he'd wished his family could be like other "normal" families growing up ever since his parents divorced. And even though he claimed he despised fame, deep down he was really happy to have garnered the acclaim he did. It was a part of the scene to be above fame or anything mainstream. But you know, I think that particular source comes from Courtney Love herself, so who really knows when it comes to her.

    Courtney Love is probably an ESTP with a core 7w8 enneagram type and 4/8 fixes. Core 8 is another possibility.

    King Buzzo seems like an ENTP based on some of the interviews I've read/seen of him. Others seem to suspect ENTJ though, so could be a possibility I suppose.

    Eddie Vedder an ISFP 9?

    I'm not at all sure about the rest.
    Hobo Chang Ba ~

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    I believe we've had this topic before, but let's type anyway.

    Kurt - INFP IEI 4w5 6w7 9w1 sx/sp

    Layne - ISFP ESI 4w5 5w4 8w9 sx/so

    Eddie - ISFP ESI 9w8 4w3 7w6 so/sx

    Chris - ISTP LSI 6w5 3w4 8w7 sp/sx

    Dave - ESFP SEE 7w6 3w2 8w9 so/sx

    Courtney - ESFP SEE 8w7 3w4 6w5 so/sx
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    Kurt's hard to read. I'm pretty sure that he's an INFJ, but what I'm seeing is that he keeps just going straight for the Se. It's not like Eminem who goes through Ni, Fe and Ti and then gets to Se and lingers there - no, Kurt just goes straight for the Se, all jaded-like.

    The bit where Dave Grohl is talking about heavy metal - that, to me, is Ni in action. He's probably INFJ, too.

    And yeah from this video I can see the Ti'ing when he smiles and then goes straight face, and he has Fe quality to his voice. YouTube

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    I'm just here to lurk. The melodies of my childhood were grunge & alternative 😊
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    Sidebar- if Kurt was an INFJ then Courtney definitely killed him. I dont see an INFJ (even a really depressed one) leaving behind their child or inflicting that type of pain on their child. then again I've never done heroin, so who knows how that plays into his mindset... but I think she did it regardless so I could be biased.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoRoRabbit View Post
    I dont see an INFJ (even a really depressed one) leaving behind their child or inflicting that type of pain on their child.
    Are you saying INFJs don't commit suicide?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
    Are you saying INFJs don't commit suicide?
    Well I didn't want to start a debate on suicide/Kurt's alleged suicide but I will try to convey my feelings clearly.

    I'm sure anyone from any type can and would commit suicide, everyone is capable. I can only speak for myself and my personal life experiences. I don't think it would be easily/frequently done by INFJs based on my personal views on suicide and assuming I have developed those views as a result of my personality type. Maybe not all INFJs feel the same way as I but even in the lowest moments of desperation in my life, when I wanted my own pain to end, I thought about the pain it would cause others and that sentiment always prevailed. I cannot speak to everyone/for everyone that is an INFJ, and again, who knows how heroin would affect that mindset, but it is my personal opinion that Kurt Cobain did not kill himself and that is based upon more than his personality type. But again, none of us lived his life, so its only speculation. I do think that his personality type gives further evidence to my already established belief that he did not kill himself but perhaps that's only because I identify with him as an INFJ and I have established views on suicide whereby others > self.

    My sentiment is that, as a mother and an INFJ, if Kurt is typed correctly, I would think that thoughts of his daughter would prevail before he would commit suicide. Regardless of the insurmountable pain you are in, your children's feelings and happiness comes first (and I know that's not a sentiment that's exclusive to INFJs, but certainly the weight of that life probably feels a little heavier especially when thinking about suicide). Also, if he was leaving Courtney and felt that she was crazy, he would not have left his daughter with her. If he had committed to killing himself, he would have done some things to ensure the future well being of his daughter, in my personal opinion. I don't think suicide is a spontaneous decision, an INFJ would take lightly. (again, Heroin is a factor here, and I don't know how that plays into his mindset, though most of the heroin addicts I know are not suicidal or want to die as far as I know.) Plus he had recent attempts at getting clean right before he died, someone who wants to die isn't going to bother with rehab.

    But I said I was a little biased, not sure if you have seen Soaked in Bleach, I believe it's on Netflix.

    Edited to Add: Of course anyone could make any argument they want (regarding Kurt Cobain), just giving my 2 cents.

    I also don't want to come across as saying "suicide is selfish" which after reading over my post I see that that message might be conveyed. I do not think that way at all. I think many people who commit suicide see it as a means to an end (of pain). I'm sure in some cases it is well thought out and planned and in others it is more of a spontaneous decision. I empathize very deeply with those who feel they have no other option and only wish more people would recognize that others are struggling and may need help. Some people do not feel comfortable asking for help or feel that no one understands or cares, and I find that extremely heartbreaking. More than I can convey in words.

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