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    Default Fringe

    Let's do some good old character cast typing.

    You can watch full episodes in HD here: Fringe - Home
    unless you have a mac...
    then their going to want you to get a flash update that rapes your computer and doesn't allow you to watch the episodes.

    The only characters I'm really sure on are Walter Bishop, Peter Bishop, and Nina Sharp.

    Olivia Dunham - I*F*
    Peter Bishop - IS*P
    Walter Bishop - ENTP
    Lance Reddick -
    Phillip Broyles -
    Charlie Francis -
    John Scott -
    Nina Sharp - ENTJ (of course)
    Astrid Farnsworth - *SF*

    Olivia comes off as an S, even though she say's that he's awesome at recognizing patterns which is an N specialty.

    All I really wanted to say is the Walter is a complete ENTP.

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    Olivia Dunham - ISTP
    Peter Bishop - INTJ
    Walter Bishop - INTP
    Lance Reddick - ????
    Phillip Broyles - ISTJ
    Charlie Francis - ISFJ
    John Scott - ????
    Nina Sharp - INTJ
    Astrid Farnsworth - ISFP

    I get an introvert vibe (brooding even for some) from all of the characters. Strange, since I am often arguing that characters are extroverts (like House M.D.)

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    Way off.

    Walter - INTJ
    Peter - ISTP
    Dunham - INFJ
    Broyles (A.K.A. #1 Badass Necktie) - ISTJ
    Astrid - ISTJ
    The guy that was trying to shut Olivia down - ENTJ
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    Peter: Bishop: ENTP (obvious: IQ 190, live a nomadic life, not pronwe ro follow through anything, job hopper, likes to argue)

    the black dude : INTJ
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    Ooh! I'm a complete Fringe fanatic. Although I'm not very good at typing characters, I definitely agree with Walter on the ENTP theory.
    Here are my uneducated guesses.
    Olivia - ISxx
    Doyles - ENxJ?
    Peter - INx
    Gah, I'm horrible at typing.
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    Peter is ISTP. Jack of all trades, isolated himself from most people, typical ISTP attitude towards everything.
    "the black dude" is an ESTJ. ISTJ seems also an option, but I see more Te than Si. He cares more about stuff getting done than the protocol.
    And Nina Sharp isn't introverted at all. She initiates conversation, she is very proactiv, focused on the ourside world. ENTJ.

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