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I'm not going into why ?
Dragonball z
Vegeta- istp
Frieza intj 6w5
Gohan infj
chichi- esfj

fate stay nigh

chris brown-estp
nicki minaj-esfp
Goku- telling gohan to observe and see weaknesses in opponents se ti. battlewith pikkon.
vegeta- relation with nappain socionics
Gohan- your 4th function is your all or nothing function, when he becomes angry, he gets a power boost, he could not control it at the beginning of series.
Frieza- intj, watch him in the bardock movie, wathing saiyans and seing their potential in destroying them. it was stated that individuallyhe could defeat them but as an army, he could not. in his mind, he was afraid that they could be destroyed.
chichi-all tsunderes are esfjs
sasuke- he is like vegeta
sakura-tsundere are esfjs

shirou- he stated that there is a weakness in Gilgamesh is that he never took the time to master each weapon individually and he acts upon. he desire to understand the game not just learn it.
rihanna- masochistic and seems scary and has a mystery quality about her, fe subtype
chris brown- reminds me of Dwayne the rock
nicki minaj- flamboyant, showoff andhas apple cheks suggesting fi. very flashy