What are your thoughts on the types of the various performers who've been in Mystery Science Theater 3000 and its related series or spinoffs such as Rifftrax? It's sometimes hard to distinguish their riffing personas from their real personalities but I think the characters were usually just exaggerated versions of the performers' real personalities, especially in the case of the 3 main hosts.

Here are my tentative typings:

Joel Hodgson - ENTP or INTP
Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo #2) - ESFJ or ESFP, maybe ENxP
Trace Beaulieu (Crow) - Not sure, seems somewhat introverted in interviews though. Perhaps ISTJ?
Bill Corbett (Crow #2) - ENxP
Mike Nelson - ExTJ
Jonah Ray - ENFP?

I know very little about the other people so I've left them out. Feel free to contribute your thoughts on their types.

Overall, I feel these series and the general style of humor is somewhat in line with Ne and Si style humor. It wouldn't surprise me if the majority of featured performers have been types preferring those functions.