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    So I'm putting this up because I wonder what these guys types are and if I care about their types, surely other people must right? I will be putting the main figureheads of the movement in this video since just posting one at a time would be a waste of time since they all fall under the same umbrella.

    Lil Pump:

    Yeah, he's a pretty big intellectual as you can probably tell. ESTP would be my guess.


    Appears to be a sensor enamored by Ni, but I've seen arguments for intuitive. I say ISFP

    Lil Peep:

    An introvert and most likely sensing. I would say that he's an ISFP.
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    Let's just say they aren't likely to be INFP / INFJ.

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    Most definitely dominated my SP's
    Got your little heart in my hand and I don't wanna break it

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