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    Default Ralph Waldo Emerson


    His essays seem to all be about the joys of solitude.
    He was an ardent supporter of black slave liberation in the bad ol' days in America, and for equal women's rights. An NF would be more likely to have been a pioneer in this field 150 years ago. He also wrote poetry extensively...

    Okay he could poss be a J, I don't know, but I get real INFP vibes of this guy...
    4w5 sp

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    I read some of his essays. His point of view mostly matches that of an INFP.

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    why is he listed as enfp? whitman is an enfp. my guess for emerson was infj or infp. essay writers enfps are not.

    he is focused on clarifying discussion, charting-the-course, and synthesizing a diverse array of inputs. i don't know his work that well, but after reading about transcendentalism and learning about how he relates to whitman, he definitely does NOT seem much like the enfp 4w3 whitman at all. his writing and letters seem more on the sly Ni than outrageously big Ne to me.

    plus, he'd probably be the first enfp ever in the history of enfps who liked kant. talk about restrictive. infjs are much more likely to get into intj philosophers and then bend them until they are more fun, holistic, etc. the te structure does wonders for us, since we have immense difficulty separating our Ni perception/percepts/ideas.

    the transcendentalist focus on INTUITION seems like a revelation which is more Ni than Ne. Ne is more like a vision of the future than a clearing away. Ne is extrapolative and Ni is interpolative.

    this might be a terrible essay, just so you know.

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