Looking for music (band/song), book (fiction/non-fiction), theater/musical, activity, TV show, movie for a person of my type:


Music/Musical Theater
Musical theater (Sondheim, operatic musical theater, jazz-musical theater)
Elvis-inspired pop/rock (That spotify thing)
Any ENFP-inspired based music
Any 7w8 music
Most ballads
All Higher male voices (high baritones, tenors, countertenors)
All Belting divas
Sometimes a good bass or a solid, rich baritone
A very pure, lyric, classically-trained soprano that is haunting
Minor-key music
Slowness to contrast my fast-paced mind, you'll find them in most ballads

Intellectual, gripping
About "Dream Girls"- Breakfast at Tiffany's
Theater of the Absurd
Something with excellent language, challenging
Something with a good ensemble I can direct in my head

Good ensemble
Lots of cerebral connections
Something to analyze
Something to strike you emotionally, in the words and images
Lots of patterns and symbols
Something bold, and particularly PG-13 or R

Something very thrilling, like skiing
Something involving the body
Something preferably not being too expensive
Something not associated with labels or groups, but a wide range of people do it for fun, or it's not done a lot
Something accessible to the Northern Virginia area, or within a couple of hours that is worth the drive
I do like roller coasters by the way, but I prefer to do things on my own, and do a sport of challenge

Anything dry, cynical
Anything with at least two hot actors
Anything with a good set of archetypal characters who are not all alike
Anything with drama and comedy
Don't care if it's a male or female lead
Love absurd humor
Don't care for animation or anime, unless it's really, really good and I should make the exception (such as "Spirited Away" or "It's Such a Beautiful Day"- I think it's that what's it called- although that just appeals to my craziness, it's really too absurd)
Should be on Netflix