superman/clark kent: usually typed as xsfj: in fact that he is estp
why. a lot of heroes in the dc comics are estps, secondly superman goes in a trial and error approach, he learns how to beat metallo by creating a kryptonite proof suit, se ti
batman: usually mistyped as tj, in reality, he is estp, watch the screw attack video of batman vs spiderman, they stated that he has a trial and error approach to battle se, and will find a weakness in the opponent's techniques. batman comes to conclusion instead of trial and error methods.
kyle brofloski: esfj 2w3 8w9 6w7 sx so in later series, earlier in the series,infj 6w7 9w1 2w1 so sp, later kyle has always something to say and it is stated by butters that he thins he knows everything and has always something to say, inferior ti.
spiderman: in the animated series, estp 3w2 7w8 8w7 so sx, but amazing spiderman is more like istp 6w7 9w8 3w2 so sp.
vegeta: istp 6w5 3w2 8w7 so last: pay attention to what whis stated about vegeta: he stated that he thinks way too much in battle
goku: estp: he is like sonic the hedgehog
sam puckett:istp
fred benson from icarly: intp socionics relationship
yugi muto: infj not ixfp, watch the series