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    Quote Originally Posted by disregard View Post
    I don't think withholding judgment can be attributed to a certain judgment function, because both types are equally capable of judging others .. they only differ from the standard by which they judge.

    I have given up messing with type. Good luck figuring it out.

    I wasn't only trying to highlight just the fact that he didn't judge, but how he was quiet and unconcerned with other people in his childhood and how he made his decision to join the monastery. Just based on profiles I've read it seems INFPs fit more than INFJs but I can't say that's conclusive at all.

    Thanks for your input though, really

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    Fyodor Pavlovich - ENTP, many people say ESTP, but he's more of an N.

    Dmitri Fyodorovich - ESxP

    Ivan Fyodorovich - INTP (Everyone says INTJ, but I see more Ti and inferior Fe from him.)

    Alyosha - INFP for sure

    Smerdyakov - INTx


    Grigory - ISFJ

    Grushenka - ENFP

    Katerina Ivanovna (Katya) - ESTJ or INTJ

    Father Zossima - INFJ

    Rakitin - ENTx

    Madame Khokhlakov - ESFP

    Liza Khokhlakov (Lise) - ISFP

    Ilyusha Snegiryov (Ilyushka) - ISxP

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