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Thread: John Krasinski?

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    Default John Krasinski?

    Curious as to what you guys think John's type might be? He plays Jim Halpert from The Office. In interviews he comes across as much more outgoing, as well as being a great storyteller. I'm guessing ENFP or ESFP?

    E, for his obvious extroversion.

    N, for... not sure why. He majored in playwriting at Brown U. Loves literature. or
    S, for his incredibly vivid and detailed stories.

    F, for his warmth and ability to put people at ease. He seems quite Fe sometimes. Lots of "I love this, I love that"
    P, for his self-proclaimed best feature, "spontaneity"

    Some examples:

    YouTube - John Krasinski - lawn dart story

    YouTube - amazing(john's car breaks down)

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    I agree that he's probably an ENFP. He could be an ESFP but I just get a Enfp vibe from him.

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