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Thread: Zach Braff?

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    Default Zach Braff?

    Now I know there have been many threads about Scrubs on this forum, and JD, Braff's character. There's also a lenghty discussion on INTP Central about Garden State, the movie that ZB wrote, directed and acted in. But what about ZB himself? I think he's the most adorable ENFP in the world - definitely an NF of some sort, anyway!

    And please discount all those horrible quotes he's supposed to have said (that are all over the internet) because they're all from a site that has a disclaimer stating that those quotes are made up and meant to be satire.
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    I remember seeing a YouTube video with him and also thought ENFP though in Garden State he seems to be introverted while Natalie Portman plays the ENFP.

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