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    How about Gore Vidal and his late long-time rival William F. Buckley Jr.?

    Here's photage of their debates with one another in 1968:
    [youtube=""]Vidal Vs.Buckley: Part 1 (1968)[/youtube]
    [youtube=""]Vidal Vs.Buckley: Part 2 (1968)[/youtube]

    And of course any mentioning of these two together must make a reference to this incident:
    [youtube=""]William Buckley Vs Gore Vidal[/youtube]
    This of course being the famous incident when Buckley told Vidal: "Now listen, you queer, stop calling me a crypto-Nazi or I will sock you in your goddamn face, and you will stay plastered."

    I'm willing to say ENTP for Buckley

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    I'd also like if anybody could type Slavoj ˇi˛ek and Jürgen Habermas; without a doubt among the brightest minds that currently exists on the Left:

    Some videos:
    [youtube=""]Slavoj Zizek. Materialism and Theology - 2007 1/8[/youtube]

    [youtube=""]Slavoj Zizek - On Belief and Otherness. 2002 1/6[/youtube]

    [youtube=""]Jürgen Habermas Interview[/youtube]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babylon Candle View Post
    haha total opposites proposed? thatd be like saying: "he seems ENTJ or INFP".

    he seems like an E based on the interviews I've seen and how he acts in the more heated debates. His writing is more winding than Dawkins, thats for sure. So I doubt Te. He doesn't seem like an ENTP when you compare him to hitchens, maher etc. ENFP doesnt seem like him from his interviews either. That leaves ENFJ? Then again he could just be a really cool and collected INTP. oh i see why you did that.
    I'd say ENFJ however.

    Dailymotion - Hugh Hewitt vs Sam Harris, a video from apologetics. Hugh, Hewitt, Sam, Harris, Reason

    He comes across as an ENFJ desperately trying to keep his emotions under control. In the video he reminds me of his fellow ENFJ Ben Stiller in so many ways.
    4w5 sp

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    sartre as intp? pretty certain? i could definitely see it, he had less Te direction than a heidegger, etc. less of a hidden Fi goal. more all over the place, etc. what about entp? and what was his relationship with simone beauvoir (infj) like? i need to know...

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    Mortimer Adler? Anyone have any guesses to his type? I'd say INxJ. Not sure on the F or T.

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