Important SPOILERS from later episodes will be collapsed. View at your own volition.

On celebrating a great running of the Viking TV series on the History channel, now on it's 3rd season, this thread's focus will be on discussing the dynamics between Ragnar Lothbrok (ENTJ) and Athelstan (INFP).


How it all started:
During Ragnar's first raid on England, he encountered a young Christian monk by the name of Athelstan. Surprised that he was able to plea for his life in spoken old Norse, Ragnar decided to take Athelstan back home as proof of the raid's success and a potential source for worldly knowledge.

Trials and Tribulations:
Life in Scandinavia wasn't easy for Athelstan, as bullying is common behavior for bigots, and this goes especially for religious bigots. In many particular scenes he would come up with the age old question, "why does God let bad things happen?". Eventually, he was forced to convert, in partiality to survive, and the other half due to of his uncertainty of truth (FI/NE).

Testing grounds and a bond formed:
Ragnar decided to keep Athelstan close by as a maid/babysitter. Due to his extreme curiosity, and through a strategic standpoint (NI), he wanted to learn more about England and Christianity. There happened to be more than one scene when Athelstan proved himself to be trusted by protecting and providing for Ragnar's family. Ragnar eventually recognized Athelstan's naivety, loyalty, and devotion (strong FI), as something he can't see himself undertake (weak FI),
In a world of deception, murder, rape, and pillage, you need at least one person you can fully confide in.

When TE/NI and FI/NE collides:
Ragnar valued Athelstan not in a way an FI primary user would. He valued him as a person that can serve his own ultimate plan (TE/NI), sort of like an administrator-esque fashion. In return, Athelstan valued Ragnar as an evaluator, Ragnar knew exactly when to give praise, and Athelstan willingly drank the coolaid.
In spite of it all, Ragnar's existence and indirect guidance [or manipulation] gave Athelstan a purpose, in which what he was searching for -- something or someone to serve.