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    Default game of thrones mbti?

    What are the mbti types of game of thrones characters? I can type a few:
    Twyin Lannister: ESTJ
    Arya Stark: ISTP
    Petyr Baelish: INTP
    Jon Snow: INFP

    What about others? Catelyn and Sansa Stark? Daenerys? Jorah? Cersei, Jamie and Tyrion? Margaery Tyrrell? And more if you like.
    Also, who is you're favourite character(s)?

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    Note: I only watched the show; I haven't read the book yet, therefore I'm typing according to the tv show.

    Catelyn and Sansa both seem ESFJ to me.
    I'd say Daenerys is either ENFJ or INFJ. I'm not sure.
    Cersei is ENTJ.
    I'd type Jamie as ESTP.
    Tyrion: ENTP
    I'm not sure about Margaery. My guess is ENxJ; I can't decide if she is Fe/Ti or Te/Fi. She seems to really care about people at times (expecially the poor ones), but that might be just a political strategy and at the same time she can be really cold and calculating. Maybe an ENTJ, but definitely with a different attitude than Cersei's.

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    Never seen the show, but in the book version Daenerys is most certainly INFP.

    INTP for Littlefinger is interesting; I'd never considered that.

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    This is what I've generally surmised, having read the books and watched the television series.

    Daenerys Targaryen - INFP (potentially ENFP)
    Jon Snow - INFJ (however he appears as more of an ISTJ in the HBO series)
    Eddard Stark: ISTJ
    Samwell Tarley: INTP
    Stannis Baratheon: ISTJ
    Robert Baratheon: ESxP (not sure if Ti-Fe or Fi-Te... discuss?)
    Renly Baratheon: ISFP
    Ser Jorah Mormont: ISFJ (?)
    Ser Jaime Lannister: ESTP
    Arya Stark: ESTP
    Brienne of Tarth: ISFJ (possibly ISTJ...)
    Sandor Clegane: ISTP
    Gendry Storm: ISTP
    Sansa Stark: ExFJ... unsure of Ni or Si
    Cersei Lannister: ESTJ
    Tywin Lannister: ENTJ
    Tyrion Lannister: ENTP
    Ser Davos Seaworth: ISTJ
    Theon Greyjoy: ESFP
    Petyr Baelish: very obvious INTJ
    Bronn: ISTP
    Melisandre: INFJ (?)
    Margaery Tyrell: ENFJ
    Joffrey Baratheon: ESTP
    Euron Greyjoy: ENTP
    Tommen Baratheon: ISFP
    Brandon Stark: INFP
    Robb Stark: ESTJ
    Daario Nahaaris: ESxP
    Osha: ISTP
    Maester Luwin: INTP
    Varys: INTP
    Catelyn Stark: ISFJ
    Jonen Reed: INFJ
    Meera Reed: ESTP
    Ramsay Bolton: ENTP
    Xaro Xhoan Daxos: ENFJ

    Character I'm unsure of:
    Jaqen Hagaar (INTJ, INTP? Definitely IxTx)
    Gilly (INFP? ISFP?)

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    HBO series typings by @Urarienev, @21lux, and myself:

    Melisandre INFJ 1w2 2w3 6w5 so/sx
    Jon Snow ISFP 9w1 4w3 7w6 sp/so
    Ramsay Bolton ESFP 6w7 3w4 8w7 sx/sp
    Tywin Lannister ESTJ 1w9 3w4 5w6 sp/so
    Tyrion Lannister ExxP 6w7 9w8 4w5 sp/sx (could not reach consensus)
    Cersei Lannister ISFP 4w3 6w7 1w9 sp/sx (ura tapped out on this one)
    Olenna Tyrell ENTJ 3w2 5w6 8w9 so/sp
    Margaery Tyrell ENFJ 2w3 9w1 6w7 so/sx
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    Why ESTJ over ENTJ on Tywin?

    Why Ne on Dany?
    And why ESTJ on Cersei?

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    I usually don't care to type characters unless it's strong, but especially in the finale and now when I think back, Jon Snow seems a pretty clear ISFP (maybe 962 self-pres).

    The IP isn't really a question, they're clear traits resulting in his indecision.

    Jon really isn't about abstracted help or philosophy, he's a guy who deals with practical needs and practical kindness (as opposed to a philosophical N type like Tyrion).

    The Feeling bent was pretty clear last night:

    As far as the triads go
    Heart: he's not a 3, and he's not abstracted / histrionic as a 4. Note how much of his behavior is looking after people on a personal level. He trains Arya and gives her Needle. he steps in when Sam is being bullied. He's practical in his helps, and tangible.
    Head: He's not a philosophical sort like Tyrion, and he's not really self-indulgent either like a 7, he's rather well.... stark and low-budget. Phobic, group inclusion/exclusion oriented, duty/responsibility bound.
    Gut: Jon is a forced leader, not someone who relishes being in charge (8) or a 1 moralist who is judging people. he's constantly trying to make peace, avoid conflict... which is rather incredible because his role in all this is a warrior. Yes, he's a talented fighter; but note that he doesn't really seem to relish the fighting. He avoids it until he can't.

    That leaves probably 9-6-2 self-pres sort. (His ambivalence and avoidance of conflict seems to be his strongest features.)

    269 Good Samaritan Archetype

    269, 692, 926 - The Good Samaritan: You like people and want to find ways to engage with them. Your sense of pride comes from getting along with others and being of assistance. You are known for your easygoing and friendly disposition. Your life mission is to identify what is problematic and needed, then find peaceful solutions for those concerned. A true trouble-shooter, you are happiest when you can help others in conflict bridge their differences. Your blind spot is that you can be so focused on being a peacemaker, tending to the needs of otehrs and getting along with them that you can fail to voice your own truth and act in a timely manner. You are overly identified with being a ‘nice’ person.

    Your growing edge is to recognize that being nice does not always create peace and that being passive does not mean that you are nice. True charity comes from listening to your heart and acting in accordance with what is needed without strings attached even if it causes conflict.

    269: The Good Samaritan This tritype is the gentle, supportive type. They are identified with getting along with others and not making waves. They are one of the most passive tritypes and avoid confrontation. They struggle with indecision. They are not identified with their aggression and are passive- aggressive.

    The two most passive Tritypes are the 259 and the 269. They are both Tritypes that try to avoid conflict and keep the peace. Both are shy and somewhat withdrawn like the 459. But, the 2 brings active helpfulness which is why both of these Tritypes are good Samaritans. The 269 is the most defined by the motivation to help regardless which type is dominant. The 259 is more reserved and helps by problem solving.

    Both the 469 and 269 tend to be passive. The 269 is more ingratiating. The 469 is more aloof.

    the 629, 692 and 962 are all the nice guy archetype. The 6 in this tritype is phobic most of the time trying to get along with others. This tritype is helpful and one of the good samaritan tritypes. If 6 is dominate there is exaggerated doubt and vascillation. If 9 is dominant there is more going along. The 629 assists or submits and then accepts or backs off. The 692 does the same in reverse order. The 962 is very gentle but can be insecure and uncertain. All 3 are very accepting.

    The 269 is the good samaritan that is very helpful, mellow and passive. They struggle with asserting themselves but work tirelessly for others.

    926: Caring and inquisitive 9. Most inclined to be helpful and dutiful. Tends to feel guilt, doubt and anxiety. 6ish.

    Any combination that has a 6 runs anxiety. Any tritype that has self-pres as the dominant instinct is motivated by anxiety. The tritypes that tend to run high anxiety are the 614 and 694… and then 629 and 639.

    2-9s - They avoid admitting that they have a (completely) negative image (and avoid anything that may lead to such a state). They’re ultimate fear is that they have a completely “black” image and are unable to escape it. They enter a strong state of denial when this occurs. This isn’t necessarily because of the Two side, but much rather because the 9 side can’t handle such a reality and thus this kind of Two is more likely to withdraw into a more “positive” perspective of themselves. It’s much nicer and much more comforting that way.

    Accepting and caring 6. This is the most gentle and supportive 6. This is the Good Samaritan and can identify with 2. This 6 is conflict avoidant and can struggle with being too passive, submissive and helpful in exchange for safety and security.

    The core fears are of fear itself, danger, being alone, cowardice, submitting, deviance, uncertainty, being targeted, chaos, conflict, being loveless, complication, discord, being shutout, inharmonious, being worthless, being needy, unhelpful, unappreciated, immutable, and inconsequential.
    "Hey Capa -- We're only stardust." ~ "Sunshine"

    “Pleasure to me is wonder—the unexplored, the unexpected, the thing that is hidden and the changeless thing that lurks behind superficial mutability. To trace the remote in the immediate; the eternal in the ephemeral; the past in the present; the infinite in the finite; these are to me the springs of delight and beauty.” ~ H.P. Lovecraft

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawthorne View Post
    HBO series typings by @Urarienev, @21lux, and myself:

    Melisandre INFJ 1w2 2w3 6w5 so/sx
    Jon Snow ISFP 9w1 4w3 7w6 sp/so
    Ramsay Bolton ESFP 6w7 3w4 8w7 sx/sp
    Tywin Lannister ESTJ 1w9 3w4 5w6 sp/so
    Tyrion Lannister ExxP 6w7 9w8 4w5 sp/sx (could not reach consensus)
    Cersei Lannister ISFP 4w3 6w7 1w9 sp/sx (ura tapped out on this one)
    Olenna Tyrell ENTJ 3w2 5w6 8w9 so/sp
    Margaery Tyrell ENFJ 2w3 9w1 6w7 so/sx
    My sister is a huge Song of Ice and Fire nerd, and she tends to think these characters are more aggressive Enneatypes.

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