Why I Turned Down a TV Survival Show - YouTube

Unleash Your Inner Nature | ReWild University

I've been looking at youtube videos about primitive skills and I found this guy, and I just love him. He's not a 'celebrity,' he is a teacher at a primitive skills school called ReWild University. I was trying to type him while watching his videos, and it was this video that made me sure of his type. He looks and sounds like many ESFP/SEE males I have known in the workplace.

This whole video is about ethics - why he made this decision, how he wants to be near his family, how tempting this was, how he was happy even without much money, asking himself questions about why he would want to be famous. He has this calmness about him, not like some angry ranting preacher with charisma, but yet some kind of charisma all the same, like a buddha or something.

I thought it was a really great example of this personality type.