This is a 1993 movie about a tough, cynical cop(John Spartan) hunting down a psychopathic crime lord(Simon Phoenix).

John Spartan - ISTP
a pragmatic, risk-taking cop with a nonchalant attitude towards authority, seen as savage-like by the others

Simon Phoenix - ESTP
a ruthless sociopath who's most motivated by just having a good time and causing chaos

Lenina Huxley - ENFP
perky and enthusiastic but also sensitive and naive

Doctor Raymond Cocteau - ENTJ
brought order to a decimated LA, very ruthless in trying to maintain order and control to his "precious jewel"

Edgar Friendly - ENTP
a rebellious, freedom loving fast talker leading a resistance to Cocteau's "utopia"

Chief George Earle - ESTJ
very by the books stiff, poor ESTJs seem be represented a lot like this in films and other media