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Thread: Anime by MBTI

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    Default Anime by MBTI

    If you were to type animes according to the functions most prevalent, which would you put in each category?

    ESTP - Black Lagoon (Se-Ti)
    ESFP - Gurren Lagann / High School of the Dead (Se-Fi)
    ESTJ - Gankutsuou (Te-Si)
    ESFJ - Hayao Miyazaki films (Fe-Si)

    ENTP - Baccano! (Ne-Ti)
    ENFP- Every Harem ever made / FLCL (Ne-Fi)
    ENTJ - Death Note (Te-Ni)
    ENFJ - Trigun (Fe-Ni)

    INTP - Ergo Proxy (Ti-Ne)
    INFP - Neon Genesis Evangelion (Fi-Ne)
    INTJ - Code Geass (Ni-Te)
    INFJ - Serial Experiment Lain (Ni-Fe)

    ISTP -Cowboy Bebop (Ti-Se)
    ISFP - Wolf's Rain (Fi-Se)
    ISTJ - Hellsing (Si-Te)
    ISFJ - Samurai Champloo (Si-Fe)
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    INFj Fi


    ENTP - Baccano! (Ne-Ti)
    Agreed lol

    I'm not good at typing, but I'd say Danganronpa is ISTP, Durarara!! is ExTP, Natsume Yuujinchou is INFJ, and Watamote is... INFP? Gintama probably ENTP too but who knows haha, I'm terrible XD

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    Neon Genesis Evangelion is feels too the max !
    Although when I first saw Shinji I thought he was ISFJ with his reactions I found it interesting when he turned out to be a really weird INFP
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