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    Default ENFP: The Bird and the Bee (band)

    'My Love'
    'Polite Dance Song'

    I think someone in this band is an ENFP or maybe INFJ, just a Delta NF. I always heard the first one, 'My Love,' playing on a radio mix at a particular grocery store. I decided on a whim to google it and watched the video. I noticed immediately that I thought she was beautiful and I liked everything about her.

    There really is something to socionics visual identification, the idea that people of certain types tend to look a lot alike (within that ethnic group or race). I saw the singer and thought she looked a lot like my old best friend, who even had a similar haircut a long time ago, and her face and eyebrows and eyes look like her too. I know this sounds weird, but even the back of her neck looked beautiful to me. I can sometimes 'read' an emotion or something when I see the back of someone's head, something in the posture of their neck and shoulders. It's hard to explain. She even looks a little bit like my mother (who isn't an ENFP but probably an ESTJ).

    The 'My Love' song was always interesting because of its strange musical intervals, one note jumping to another note. The music doesn't make me feel strong and energized - it isn't dance music, it isn't earthy, it's sort of wispy and thin (like her voice). It gives me more of an intellectual feeling.

    I also saw a guy in the 'Polite Dance Song,' one of the normal-looking ordinary-people dancers, whose face looked exactly like another male ENFP I know - the VI thing again. They looked so much alike they could have been related. He also looked like a couple of male ENFP actors.

    The band shares share some of my values. I believe in something that might be called 'ugliness acceptance.' I accept the ordinary ugliness of everyday people, and I love it that they're showing old, fat, ugly, normal people dancing in that video. It's funny and lovable at the same time. Real people are not all perfect, and ugly people are people too.

    Not really debating what type they are, just wanted to express how excited I was to discover that I loved a song written and/or sung by an ENFP who just sort of jumped right out at me and was obvious as soon as I saw her video. I should probably watch an interview though, because I don't know which one of them actually writes the songs.

    As always, my disclaimer: when I try to type people I sometimes change my mind later and decide that my typing was horribly, horribly wrong, and what could I possibly have been thinking when I typed them that, and blah blah.

    Edit: You know, I watched this interview, and I'm wondering, she could really be an ESTJ or something too. I liked both of them, Inara George and Greg Kurstin. Now that I watched an interview, I'm not sure of their types, I just know that I really like both of them.
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