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    Default Brideshead Revisited

    Sebastian ESFP
    Charles ISFP
    Edward (Charles' Father) INTP
    Lady Machmain INFJ
    Anthony ENTP
    Rex ESTP
    Julia INFP
    Mulcaster ESFJ
    Cara INFP
    Lord Machmain ENTP
    Lord Brideshead ISFJ
    best collection of philosopher typings online

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    SEE Fi


    hmmm....I don't know that Sebastian is an ESFP...isn't he perhaps an Fi dom? I don't really know about ISFP, for Charles, either. I think Sebastian is the Fi dom, probably ISFP but possibly INFP. I even see ENFP as being more plausible, because of his individual sense of spirituality, and quirky behavior.

    I'd really like to see some other typings.

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