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    Default SNL cast member types?

    I'm a big SNL fan and I've recently been thinking about SNL cast member (mostly past) MBTI types. Here are the ones I came up with so far:

    Bill Hader: ISFJ
    Kristen Wiig: ISTP
    Amy Poehler: ENTP
    Tina Fey: INTP
    Jimmy Fallon: ENFP
    Seth Meyers: INFP
    Andy Samberg: ENFP
    Fred Armisen: INFP
    Kate McKinnon: ENTP
    Jason Sudeikis: ENTP

    Anybody got any others? Or any changes they'd suggest?

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    Kate McKinnon is 100% not an entp. She has said herself that shes and introvert, soft spoken, she follows the same routine every morning, and she can be emotional. She also paints, plays at least 3 instruments, and speaks French fluently. My guess would be INFJ or INFP. INFJ more so because of how well she can "wear a mask" and lose herself in characters that are so vastly different from herself, which is something infjs are known for and Fi Dom's famously have trouble with.
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