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Thread: PROT from K-PAX

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    Question PROT from K-PAX

    Ok, so I was wondering about PROT from K-PAX (which is an amazing character) and I couldn't find anything in details on the net and the ones I've found are mostly contradictory about his personality. He definitely Uses both Se (the freakin fruits!) and Ni (getting to the heart of the problem lots of intuitive conversations with the doctor)... I seriously can't identify his mbti type. Also if you can identify the Enneagram too, that would be great!
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    We have gone sick.

    By following a path of untrammeled rationalism,
    Male dominance,
    Attention to the visible surface of things,
    Bottom line-ism.
    We have gone very very sick.

    INTJ 4w5 5w4 9w1 Sx/So Neutral Good Johari Nohari

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