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Thread: One Direction

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    Default One Direction

    I am not a fan of Boy Band, but this morning I wanted to type One Direction.

    It was surprising hard, so I really need help and I found no topic about them.

    IMO after few hours of interview watching :
    Harry : ESFP 9 or 6
    Liam : ISTP with J trends
    Louis : ENFP 7w6
    Niail : ESxP 7w8 with great 3 side
    Zayn : ISFJ .... but some (Ne) shoots ....
    weird, I am possible totaly wrong
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    Harry- ESFP 2w3
    Louis- ESTP 7w8 or 8w7
    Liam- ESxJ 1w2
    Niall- ENFJ 7w6 (? I'm unsure)
    Zayn- ISxP 9w8
    I'm not absolute on my typings, so don't be harsh on me if I'm way off base.

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