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    Quote Originally Posted by riva View Post

    He doesn't seem concerned about controlling his environment/others at all is he? That's a core compulsion of e8s is it not?
    for what it's worth, I agree with your 9w8 typing. He definitely seems to have that 9 dissociative, avoid introspection, thing going on. It's part of the reason I think he comes off as ESTP because it causes him to be pretty reactive/neurotic, but he doesn't seem to be Se/Ni. An Se type would at least use Ni to judge how best to deal with what's around them. Wolverine just goes nuts; if it weren't for his healing powers, he'd die off very quickly.

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    Wolverine I'd actually peg him as the exact middle ground of what's been said so far, 8w9. He's not bouncy or reactive enough to be 8w7, but reactive in a more "smoking volcano" sort of way. Definitely core 8 (as aposed to 9) though, because of his tendency to lone wolf (this is often how 8's remain in control of their environments, by standing alone. That said, he actually does often try to run the show with the Xmen team-- remember all of his explosive arguments with Cyclops because he was following his natural instincts to lead? His reaction to Rogue early in the film franchise is such the epitome of 8w9-- "kid, leave me alone." but developing a soft spot for her brokenness anyway. And, seguey...

    Rogue She's been a favorite character of mine since I was a little girl, and though I can see the argument for 6w7 in the comics, her character in the film series had a total 4 makeover (which I actually hate. I could go on about it...). I think regardless, an argument could be made for 468 (or 648) depending on which medium she's depicted in. In truth, now that I think about it, I would expect majority of mutants to have a 4 fix (especially those who manifested their mutations earlier in life) because of the obvious "outcast", "you're different" theme and the shame it would bring.

    Jean Gray I see the film depiction of her as a 1. She's very justice, "doing good" focused but clearly has some underlying rage issues and (because of her power) is always fighting for control. 1 indeed.
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    Cyclops - ISxJ
    Jean Grey - INFJ
    Wolverine - ISTP
    Rogue - IxFP
    Professor Xavier - ENFJ
    Magneto - INTJ
    Mystique - ISFP

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