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    Default Rodney Mullen and Tony Hawk

    First off, if you haven't watched the Bones Brigade documentary I highly recommend watching it.

    While watching it, I thought that Rodney Mullen and Tony Hawk were perfect examples of the difference between INTP and ISTP, due to their shared motivation of technical innovation and precision. I'd say he's a 5w4 (probably social first), while Tony Hawk is likely a 3w4.

    If you know nothing about Rodney Mullen, he essentially created modern street skateboarding. Instead of following what others did before him, staying on the top of the skateboard, he approached it as something with multiple planes, multiple possibilities. He is a total genius and a fascinating person.

    Tony Hawk:

    Anyway, what do other people think?

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    Yeah, Rodney's style of skateboarding strikes me as Ti; more of a focus on technique rather than the aesthetics of the tricks he's doing.

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    Rodney Mullen is not ISTP as celebritytypes said. He is INTP.
    P - Disliking being controlled, wants to do his own thing
    T - going behind and understanding how things work and not going with the flow. Object oriented buth focus on people though, too. Can't help but laughing, that's Fe(correct me if that's not true).
    N - Idealist, obvioulsy. Connects the dots. Creates new things. An S would talk more concrete and not Get offtracked and begin on something new.
    I - As a kid he had anxiety around people and had a problem dealing with them. That might be anxiety and not introversion.

    I can expand the explanation if you want me to. These are some observations from Ted talks.

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