Has anyone else ever seen this? Its wonderful

It's a comedic musical based on the Harry Potter series, starring and featuring the music of Darren Criss before his 'Glee' fame. It reinvents pretty much all of the characters as far as MBTI goes, yet doesn't ruin the integrity of the source material. I think it's pretty awesome, and the music is great!

Harry: hmm, any of the ExxP types, honestly. Leaning towards ExTP. Pretty middle of the road on N/S

Ron: Seems like a definite ExFP. Probably ESFP

Hermione: Seems INFJ

Draco: Is hilarious. He/she is probably ESFJ

Snape: INFP or INTJ, depending on the scene lol

Dumbledore: ENFP

Quirrell and Voldemort: what a couple haha love how they pulled of the "voldemort under the turban" gag. I'd say say Quirrell is an ISFJ. Voldemort retains a lot of his INTJness from the source material, yet has this strange ESTP humor/social butterfly thing going on.