I thought it would be very interesting to type all these guys and also hear your opinions.
I'll start with most known one, Kurt Cobain. I am pretty sure he's an INFP, BUT most of the people see him as the typical Fi dominant introvert. Even though he really is an INFP, he used tons of Ne and he wasn't such a big introvernt as most of the people think he was. His family and friends described as shy, but yet attention whoring kid and even when he grew up he was very open in most of his interviews. Maybe just because he was such an honest person, but so many personal data... Also most of his lyrics are built up on random relations of thoughts, feelings, memories and objects...I think his lyrics are so Ne, you can find maybe one, or two other lyricists who writes like this. I personally think, that Kurt was an xNFP as a child and latter some situations in his life made him go more introverted way. As for his enneagram I am sure...4w5-7w6-9w1 sx/sp, or sp/sx
Eddie Vedder is a bit of puzzle for me. This is the real introvert... Rarely speaks to camera, rarely shows up at any parties, never speaks about his privacy. Based on his lyrics and what he says in PJ 20 documentary, I am sure he is some kind of IF. His lyrics are so poetic I'd only expect that from an NF, but when he speaks he sounds so down to earth and realistic. At one moment he's speaking some deep shit about beneficial concerts and at the other he's hanging on a celling... He could be an INFJ with developed Se, or an ISFP with developed Ni, or an ISFJ. Anyone has some idea? As for the enneagram he seems like 9w1 so/sx.
Layne Staley...He's definitely a feeler and also an introvert based on what he wrote in his song Nutshell. Seems like Fi dominant type. ISFP would be the best fit. I think he was a 4w5 in the enneagram.
Jerry Cantrell, he's often typed as INTP as I noticed. The difference between Kurt's lyrics and his is, that while Kurt was literaly playing with words, ideas and connections, Jerry is very concrete. Just throws out how he feels. He also seems like an introvert and I also think he's Fi dominant so just like Layne I think he is an ISFP. His lyrics are definitely full of this Fi pitying sorrow...I think Down in a Hole is an explosion of introverted feeling. I really have no idea about his enneagram...
Courtney Love...It's hard to say how much she acts who she is and how much honesty is in her actions and words. She's a great actor and I think she just can get anyone right to the place she wants him to be. She seems like she enjoy pulling the strings and I think it's thanks to Fe+Ni. Her drug addiction and all that crazy stuff she's been doing are that loud screams of Se in unhealthy ENFJ. Enneagram 3w4 and tritype maybe... 3w4-1w9-7w8 sx/so, or so/sx. Maybe she's a contra-phobic 6w5 sx/so?
If anyone has a different opinions, I'll be happy to hear them. Also I don't know much about Soundgarden