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    Quote Originally Posted by Z Buck McFate View Post
    I am referring to Meditations. I wrote a thing about it somewhere around here, maybe I'll find it later. I think he's very J, though I recognize that's my own opinion.

    I have not seen whatever you're referring to with Richard Harris (though I bet he'd be a good Marcus Aurelius).
    I was referring to a piece titled "Gladiator" - starring Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix and Richard Harris as ...Marcus Aurelius.

    I thought he was an INTP because from what I recall Meditations seemed to utilise a fair amount of Fe e.g. defining various lifestyle choices as "good" without referring to why it is good, what makes it good or how one would define good. Compare that to Nietzsche (INTJ) who investigates that very style in "Beyond Good and Evil". But I don't consider myself adept at typing others and all my above suggestions have been coloured by suggestions others have made on various websites.

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    INTP- Idealistic Analysts

    Albert Einstein 5w4
    Leonardo Da Vinci 5w4
    Abraham Lincoln 9w1
    Socrates 1w9
    Charles Darwin 5w4

    ENTP - Analytical Entrepreneurs

    Voltaire 7w8
    Oscar Wilde 7w6
    Benjamin Franklin 7w8

    INTJ- Analytical Visionaries

    Friedrich Nietzsche 5w6
    Lisa Meitner 6w7
    Madame Curie 5w4
    Sir Isaac Newton 5w4
    Karl Marx 6w5
    Adolf Hitler 6w5
    Queen Elizabeth I 6w7
    Sigmund Freud 5w4
    Ludwig Von Beethoven 4w5

    INFJ-Compassionate Visionaries

    Plato 1w9
    Dante Alighieri
    Karl G. Jung
    Mahatma Ghandi 9w1
    Emily Dickinson 6w5

    INFP-Idealistic Dreamers

    Virgil 9w1
    William Shakespeare 4w3
    Jean-Jacques Rousseau 2w1
    Henry David Thoreau 1w9
    Isabel Myers-Briggs
    George Orwell 1w9

    ENFP- Enterprising Dreamers
    Leo Tolstoy
    Mark Twain 7w6
    Dr. Seuss 9w1
    Charlotte Bronte
    John Lennon

    ENTJ- Visionary Directors

    Julius Caesar 7w8
    Napoleon Bonaparte 8w7
    Joseph Stalin 8w9
    Margaret Thatcher
    Carl Sagan
    Vladimir Lenin
    Cleopatra 8w7

    ENFJ- Compassionate Directors

    J.W. von Goethe
    Martin Luther King, Jr. 1w2
    Barack Obama 3w2

    ISTJ- Tough-minded Stalwarts

    George Washington 1w9
    Queen Elizabeth II
    Hilary Clinton 1w2
    Woodrow Wilson 1w9
    Harry S. Truman

    ESTJ- Conservative Directors

    Henry Ford
    Augusto Pinochet
    Rockefeller 8w7

    ESTP- Analytical Adventurers

    Winston Churchill
    Dale Carnegie

    ISTP- Adventurous Analysts

    Diogenes the Cynic
    Clint Eastwood
    Bruce Lee
    Michelangelo 8w7
    Amelia Earhart

    ISFP- Adventurous Artists

    Michael Jackson 4w3
    Raphael Sanzio (painter) 3w4
    Pierre-Auguste Renoir 9w1
    Marie Antoinette 9w8
    Chopin (musical composer) 4w5

    ESFP- Sensitive Adventurers

    Bill Clinton 7w6
    Pablo Picasso 6w7

    ISFJ- Sensitive Stalwarts

    Mother Theresa 2w1
    Clara Barton 2w1
    Rosa Parks
    Jane Addams 2w3

    ESFJ- Sensitive Directors

    William Howard Taft
    Larry King
    Ronald Reagan 7w6

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