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    Default Economists

    Adam Smith: INTP
    Thomas Malthus: INTJ
    David Ricardo: ENTJ
    Jeremy Bentham: ENFJ
    John Stuart Mill: ENTP
    Karl Marx: INTJ
    Joseph Schumpeter: ESTP (claimed early on that his life goals were to become the world's greatest economist, the greatest horseman in Austria, and the greatest lover in Vienna. Later, he claimed he had only met two of them, since there were so many fine horsemen in Austria.)
    Ludwig Von Mises: INTJ
    Friedrich Hayek: INTP
    Murray Rothbard: ENTP
    Piero Sraffa: INFP
    Paul Samuelson: ENTP
    Wassily Leontief: INTP
    John Nash: INTJ
    John Maynard Keynes: INTJ
    Milton Friedman: INTP
    George Stigler: ENTP
    Paul Krugman: INTJ
    Joseph Stiglitz: INTJ
    Bryan Caplan: ENTP
    Tyler Cowen: ENFP
    Vernon Smith: INTP
    James Buchanan: INFJ
    Amartya Sen: INFP (Described as the "Mother Theresa of Economics")
    Greg Mankiw: INTP
    Larry Summers: INTJ

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    Walter E. Williams: ENTP
    Thomas Sowell: INTJ

    I think that covers pretty much all of the African-American libertarian/Chicago school economists.
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    Any guesses for Steve Keen (INTJ?), Dean Baker(ISTP?), and Ha-Joon Chang?

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