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    Default Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries Wrap Up: MBTI Personalities

    With Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries wrapped up, I thought it'd be nice to start a new thread on the characters from that season. I'm a bit obsessed (ok, very obsessed) with the show. Here's a new MBTI list based on the character's personalities. Tell me what you think.

    Damon: ISTP

    I LOVE him. I don't don't why it took Elena so long to figure this out, but I digress... He's a true rebel. Hates rules and abiding by them. A true introvert. Doesn't mind being by himself and drinking his bourbon for comfort. He truly lives in the present and makes rash decisions without thinking them though and what the outcome may be. Has major sex appeal (my personal opinion). Thinks with his head. Doesn't get emotional, although things still do affect him. He can detach himself easily and be objective when the moment calls for it.

    Stephen: INxJ?
    The Ripper: ISTx

    A little harder to define. When he was not "The Ripper" he comes across as very introspective, and can easily see how events will develop. The man has feelings but he keeps a cool head and can make decisions without them getting in the way. I mean, what other brother could hand his girlfriend over to his brother without batting an eye? He's always looking out for others, especially Elena (who totally blew him over, by the way). Can't decide if he's a feeler or thinker. He's definitely a protector type, and possibly a judging type as well. His journals are very tidy, etc. He seems to like order. He is also good at looking at the big picture and imagining how things will develop. He's good at reading people and situations.
    However, when his Ripper side comes out he seems very "S" to me. He's very impulsive and doesn't think through his actions (say, beheading his victim due to his insatiable appetite). He has no self-control. No feelings seem to reside in him when he is in Ripper mode.

    Human: ISFJ
    Undead: xSTx

    Alive: Elena was boringly good person.She was introspective and liked to think things through before taking action. She seemed very level-headed and grounded. Of course she was an F because she was constantly thinking about others and sacrificing herself to the point of being annoying. She seemed like a judger because she liked to know what she was getting into and she didn't seem terribly spontaneous. She got even more annoying when she was adapting to the life of a vampire. I just feel so much Stephen! Honestly, I like her better as a vamp.

    Undead: Well, without her humanity, she's definitely a Thinker now. I'm at a loss to the rest. Probably a sensor now?

    Bonnie: INFP
    I find it interesting, from reading former posts about Bonnie, that most people think she is a sensor. First of all, she's a witch and witches are intuitive. She can size up situations and people with ease. She's also a feeling type because she's always agreeing to do some retched spell when there's a chance she'll get herself killed (or others) but she agrees to it anyway because she can't say no. She's definitely a perceiver because she tends to march to the beat of her own drum. I don't think she's against the rules per say, but she tends to keep an open mind about things and is flexible (like changing plans at the last minute to bring a friend back from the dead).

    Caroline: ESFJ
    Clearly Caroline is an extrovert because she's always out and about and having fun. She loves parties and immersing herself in the moment. She doesn't think much about the future but instead focuses on the here and now. She's a romantic at heart and is easily swayed by the 'man du jour.' Definitely a feeler- that goes without saying. Definitely a judger. She loves planning things and she can get controlling when things don't go her way. She's also mastered the art of being a vampire in less than 2 years, which I didn't think was possible. She doesn't let her vampirism affect herself emotionally, physically or socially. Weird.

    Klaus: INFJ
    Now before everyone bangs their computer screen and starts throwing curse words around, let me explain. Klaus is definitely an introvert. Yes, can we all agree? He relishes time by himself, yet at the same time he craves the comfort of others. He's definitely intuitive. He can size anyone up and know what he or she is thinking or is going to do. He also always has a plan or an alternate plan (ex. judger) set up because he can easily see how situations will develop. As for the 'feeling' component-hear me out. Klaus wants more than anything to connect with others and to be loved. Things hurt him deeply even though he claims that they don't. The pain or sadness is always apparent on his face even if he is mutilating someone for sport. Most of the decisions he makes are based on his feelings and he doesn't think rationally a lot of the time. He's a hurt little boy with daddy issues (and he's easy on the eyes too). Hey, Aloph Hitler is thought to have been an INFJ.

    Tyler: ESTx
    He's kind of a one dimensional character to me. Definitely an extrovert, sensing. He likes to take care of his body and he's very sexual/sensual. Seems inflexible about things though. It takes a lot to convince him of things. Not very spontaneous. It took him forever to agree to head off with Jules and her wolf family. I don't think he's a feeler. He seems to make decisions more with his head, although he does have a temper.

    Oh poor Matty. Always getting crapped on. Kind of boring, but super cute. He's an introvert. Likes to keep to himself. He's hardworking and likes to do the right thing. Intuitive? I'm leaning towards sensor. He seems aware of his physical surroundings and he just doesn't strike me as an intuitive. He has a big heart (feeler). I'm not sure about his J/P side. He may be a judger because he has big issues with change. He still can't get over the fact that Caroline or Elena are vampires. He wants things back to the way they were before, but really can you blame him?

    Jeremy: INFP
    Introverted, is perceptive of others. Feeler. Laid back, easy going.

    Rebecca: ESFP
    Extroverted, highly sexual. Loves a good party. Good at manipulating men to get what she wants. Can be highly emotional about things. She makes decisions based on how she feels at that moment or how the events affect her personally. She's spontaneous and does rash things without thinking about the consequences. She can be a cold-hearted bitch when people do her wrong, but really can you blame her? Her sociopath brother killed her like 4 times already. I'd have angst too.

    Katherine: ESTJ
    She loves mingling and manipulating others; sexual. She lives in the moment and thinks with her head. She may be a judger. She always has a trick up her sleeve, or some type of a plan.

    Keeps to himself. Can read people like crazy. Always has an extra plan up his sleeve if something doesn't work out. I do think he has feelings, but I think of him as more of a thinker. Rarely does his ruffles get feathered, unlike his brother Klaus. He keeps a cool head.

    And for all times sakes: (I miss you!!!)
    Alaric: ESTP
    Loved mingling with others. Good at the facts, remembering facts. Thought coolly with his head and didn't let his feelings get in the way. Had some issues with self-control (his drinking). Didn't seem like a judger to me. He seemed a more of a 'go with the flow' type of guy. Sniff...sniff..

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