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    Default Why does media portray extroverts as agressive loudmouths?

    Media portrays extroverts as ever-ecstatic social butterflies that almost aggressively walk up to people and start conversations and talk all the time like crazy. But what if one does take energy from communication and the presence of other people in the room, yet is shy and not so direct in their approach? Do you think there's a breed of meek extroverts? I just don't believe that every person out there that needs people to recharge/regain energy is the social butterfly type. I think media prefers to portray extremes. Anyone agree/disagree?

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    I can be pretty meek and undominant for sure. Strangely, it's those social situations where I don't feel comfortable enough to speak mind and feel like I should just nod my head and contribute just enough that are the most taxing to me. I get the most battery recharge from social situations where I'm with people I'm really comfortable with and we can laugh and talk over each other, etc.

    There are definitely times when I'm comfortable, but just wanna chill. I get like recentered and grounded in those times. The media portrays most everything wackily. I'm a pretty strong extrovert, and I don't think most people would consider me a boisterous person. I can get loud and crazy, but only if the situation allows for it and other people are in that mode with me.
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    Yeah it's just not black and white. I have realized I'm almost always engaging in conversation with someone unless I'm working on something and even then would find it more fun if a friend was working on it with me or near me and we could chat. I like to chat haha

    But I don't think my extroversion is super apparent to people all the time at all. I withdraw when disinterested and I think stronger extroverts don't as easily.

    I have definitely seen extroverts that match the typical definition and some introverts that can play extroverted better than I can... Maybe.

    Depends on who's looking I guess and what they know perhaps.
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