Just saw Costner's 'Wyatt Earp' today for the first time, after years of loving it's unofficial companion piece 'Tombstone'. I thought it was pretty good and insightful, but rather long. Tombstone is the funner film of the two, and is based on more the myth than the facts.
I loved Dennis Quaid's take on Doc Holliday. Going in I wasn't expecting him to stand up to Kilmer, but he certainly held his own. Both played the man exceptionally well while putting their own spin on it.

So I always see Kilmer's Doc typed as xNTP (Normally an E, and I agree with that), but do you think Quaid's take had a different type? Or did they play the character similar enough to where the type was unaltered? I love comparing different portrayals of the same character.

Also, which film and take on the character did you guys prefer?