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    Well Joel Coen and Cormac McCarthy are INTJs, so Chigurh's an INTJ as well! I HAVE SPOKEN

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    Wow... you guys couldn't be more off with Sheriff Bell - he's an INFP. Maybe it doesn't come across strong in the movies, but in the books he evaluates everything by his own feelings. He tries to testify on behalf of a death row guy he thinks is innocent only to have the criminal scoff in his face and laugh and boast about how he was a ruthless murderer. He finds disgust with the county prosecutor when the prosecutor confirms that "right and wrong" aren't taught in law school, only "law." He ponders forever on why Chigurh kills the woman just thinking "why would he do that? he didn't have to kill her... it just doesn't make any sense." He is relentlessly tormented by survivor's guilt over leaving his platoon to die in WWII. Everything Bell does and thinks is of his own ideology. That's why he can't make any sense out of Chigurh and he's so deeply out of his element.

    Sheriff Bell is classic INFP - but it does come across way more strongly in McCarthy's writings.

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