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    Quote Originally Posted by Ene View Post
    Look at his eyes. He has this thing where he breaks his gaze and looks down, unfocused. If I'm not mistaken, that's an Ni characteristic. Also, watch his hands. He talks with his hands. They are what I would call exacting. He uses his hands to punctuate his statements. He also does this inward searching thing with his eyes which seems kind of Ti in nature. Also, his voice inflections. He is trying to draw you in by putting emphasizes on particular words. If you watch a video of Jane Goodall and notice some of her eye movements, voice inflections, etc. You'll see a similarity. This guy and Jane Goodall are much alike in their communication styles. Notice his eyes again, when he gathers his thoughts and focuses them, he drives them home with warm eyes [that lock onto his viewer with intent, an Se characteristic] and a charming little smile...I'm thinking this is probably an Fe thing. In fact, is use of Fe is so subtle that he has mastered it. Fe is that quality that makes you feel compelled to listen, drawn in. It isn't that he is an emotional person, but rather that he knows how to navigate around and through the emotions of others and how to interpret them.

    So, right off hand, I'd guess him to be an E-5. He is clearly an Ni and his Ti is also highly developed. Also, he has an Se eye lock. So, likely he was an INFJ with a highly developed Ti and at his age, being a healthy INFJ, his Se is probably also well-developed.

    I did first think INTJ but his warm smile and Fe facial expressions negate that. As for ENFP, he is too intent and focused.

    Contrary to what some may thing, 5w4 do not have an underlying anguish, instead they have an underlying passion and sense of focus or purpose and this guy seriously has that. If you doubt it, turn off the volume and just watch his hands and his eyes. Invoke the power of Ni and read his body language for subtle nuisances.

    . . . and here I'd thought talking with your hands was just an Italian thing.

    my apologies in advance for having to reference this show

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    Well, @Lexicon, I guess a lot of people are secretly Italian hehe...
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